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Toddy Martinez

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05/20/15 11:17 AM #1    

Michael Sergent

I'm not sure about the year. For some reason I believe he passed a long time ago (my sister, Colleen knew him and may know).

06/03/15 09:33 PM #2    

Barbara Echelberger (Miller)

I reconected with Toddy in the Late 80's we met in line at a movie and then it was like time had not passed  We talked about Mr Franks drama class and some of our good times.

 We also spent time With Claudia Rosenberger,  No matter where he went Toddy alway added a little more flavor to your life


06/04/15 10:08 AM #3    

George Peterman

Who could forget Toddy? I remember that he was the President of the Key Club in our senior year. We did do a little -- very little, of course -- screwing around. I definitely remember the bus ride we took to the Asilomar Convention Grounds near Pacific Grove. Naturally, none of us drank anything inappropriate on the return trip.

I aslo saw him once or twice maybe 10 years after we graduated, and he was aas funny and friendly as ever.

06/04/15 12:09 PM #4    

Doug Wofford

Toddy proved early, to have friends you gotta first, be friendly.

Miss you, funny guy.

06/04/15 02:48 PM #5    

Linda Garfield (Pfahler)

Like George Peterman said, "who could forget Toddy?"  He was a big guy with a bigger heart.  I saw him around '74 or '75.  He hadn't changed one bit.  I hadn't thought about him in quite some time.  I have fond memories of him and the crazy things we used to do.  Guess this reunion is bringing out all the memories of our youth. 

06/05/15 09:33 PM #6    

Ron Oliver

Toddy was one incredible person , I can still see that infectious smile 



06/06/15 11:44 AM #7    

Michael Sergent

A funny memory of Toddy: One day we were playing soccer against him on the main baseball diamond. Toddy gave the ball a huge boot, sailing it into the air where it got impaled on one of the metal "ladders" on a light pole. End of game. He could really kick and you'd be crazy to challenge him.

06/07/15 01:57 PM #8    

Barbara Echelberger (Miller)

I came across a photo of toddy Claudia and Myself that was taken at a holiday party in lhis home around 1990-91 I posted it  Nice to remember those times 


09/29/15 08:46 PM #9    

Lawrence Becker

Several years after highschool, inffact just after returning home from Viet Nam, I met up with Sussie out some where probably dancing, we went over to her house and Toddy was there. We had a great time reminicianing about old times past. It was getting late and time for me to head for home, when a certain some one showed up drunk and looking for trouble. Toddy took control of the situation in a manner I will never forget.

Toddy was always a friend and a man with love in his heart for all.  You will be misssed Toddy. 

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